Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doctors’ Opinion Of Electric Cigarettes

Electric cigarettes have no harm to smoker’s health but rather can help to stop smoking.

Doctors’ opinion on electronic cigarettes is quite different than their opinions on regular cigarettes. Doctors have always been criticizing the use of cigarette because they harm your lungs. They cause tar on the inner walls of the lungs which gradually blocks the hole which work as air doors, ultimately resulting in lung cancer. But the new invention, electronic cigarettes has changed the electronic cigarettes fda Doctors’ Opinion Of Electric Cigarettes opinion of doctors on electronic cigarettes. They call it quite healthy and safe for health. According to doctors, electronic cigarettes are very different than the regular cigarettes. They don’t have the hazardous toxic known as tobacco in it. Due to this, an electronic cigarette does not get lung cancer or any other kind of disease because of smoking.

Doctors’ opinion on electronic cigarette is quite interesting as well. They say that electronic cigarette can help you stop smoking. Electronic cigarette makes the smoker the owner of how much nicotine he wants. When you insert a flavor in the cartridge of the electronic cigarette, you can insert as much nicotine as your body needs. So you don’t have to use patches to stop the nicotine addiction any more. Slowly and gradually cutting down you nicotine need, will help you stop smoking and one day, you will also be a non smoker. Doctors’ opinion of electronic cigarette also suggests that the smoke of electronic cigarette is also not bad for health. This means that you can increase your social circle as you are not passive smoking. Your smoke is no longer irritating your friends and family who didn’t want to come close to you because of bad breath. Electronic cigarette doesn’t give you bad breath.

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