Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Mechanism Of Diazepam's Action

GABA is one of these receptors which releases certain chemicals and controls the excitability of the brain. These chemical levels, when balanced, keep the excitability of the brain to normal level. Any positive or negative change in their balances disturbs the way our brain works and hence the body experience anxiety disorders. Diazepam brings the excitability of brain neurons to normal level by working on GABA. GABA has subunits and inhibitory channels. GABAA receptor is one of these inhibitory channels, which is activated to slow down the neuronal action. Diazepam works on the Cerebral cortex and performs action on the limbic system, the body parts controlled by thalamus and hypothalamus. Diazepam also relaxes the muscles by inhibiting the polysynaptic trails in the spinal cord. Benzodiazepine containing diazepam does not affect the GABA levels but inhibits the neuron activity by controlling the negative chloride ions. The mechanism of Diazepam’s action is thus classified as inhibitory.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kroger Generic Drug List Online

Kroger’s Generic Drug Program
Kroger’s is a leading grocery store chain in United States with a network spanning over more than 30 states, 2,486 super markets, and 320,000 associates. Recently Kroger has started a Generic Drug Program to sell generic drugs at discounted prices. Soon after its launch, the program became a major success. Today Kroger is selling more than 300 prescriptions of Generic Drugs, including women’s health products and antibiotics, at substantially low prices. The program sells 30 days prescription at $4 and a 90 days prescription at $10 only.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Buy Prescription Pain Pills Online

Buying prescribed painkillers without the prescription from illegal websites is dangerous, because they usually give expired medications or even those that are prohibited. They do not offer any prescription; have very low cut prices and all kinds of fake promotions. They bank on people’s desperate need for high dose pain killers like Vicodin, Oxycontin, Tramadol and many other such strong medications, which under no circumstances should be taken without a doctor’s prescription, because they are dangerous if not used under proper care and understanding. But these sites have no concern of the risk they are posing to people; rather it is the gain of having customers that fall for their trap, which gives them more encouragement to go on with such practices. People usually get attracted by this and do not realize the trap that is set out for market gains. The sites often make a fool of customers, by promoting some extra free product along with the medicine and then charging them continuously, until the customer has to block their credit transactions. Not only that, the medicines they deliver are not to be trusted.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Drugs Generic Names

The term generic, is generally assumed to be a low-quality version of a trade or brand name product. This applies to major household and food items, but drugs are devoid of it. Generic drugs are just as effective as brand name drugs. In fact, generic drug makers manufacture many trade-name products for companies that control the trade names. Sometimes, more than one generic version of a drug is available. For example, many manufacturers sell versions of Acetaminophen.

The generic and brand names can thus be very different, but both can refer to the same drug of a common chemical name and/or structure.