Monday, December 28, 2009

Discount Airfare Travel

International travel used to be considered as a luxury in old times when the air service was newly introduced. After it became common and available to local public, then the prices started to drop down to a level that all and sundry could afford to travel in plane. Although local air flights are comparatively cheaper than international flights as the distance to be traveled, calculated by distance travel calculator shows us that there might be two countries which are thousands of miles apart. The airfare is determined by this calculation.

My personal favorite site is You can find the flight information and booking details of about all the airlines of the world. There are many discount airfare travel packages during off season which you can avail to fly during your vacations and meet your loved ones with happiness and pleasure in your heart.

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tushar said...

Airfare was very expensive when it was introduced. But now its a common mode of transport. The has changed.
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