Monday, June 15, 2009

Evolution of The Internet

ARPANET – The very first form of Internet
ARPA is a research organization which was formed by the then U.S. President Eisenhower. One of the founding purposes of ARPA was to provide a combined platform to the researchers, scientists, and university students to come up with a solution for a better command-and-control network. The ARPA director Larry Roberts combined all the researchers and asked them to come up with a design solution for a network which could survive even the nuclear war. The need was deeply felt because the then existing military networks were not reliable. A research scientist Wesley Clark finally proposed a solution which was based on an interconnection of computers to form a subnet. The idea was bought by ARPA and the director of ARPA, Larry Roberts assigned the contract to implement the design to BBN, a consulting firm. BBN implemented the design by connecting minicomputers with 56kbps transmission lines and the birth of first ever internet took place.