Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Red Hair Dye

There are plenty of hair colors to choose from and red is one of them. This is the one people use the least though. It is becoming popular to buy red hair dye for highlights but not as an overall color. This is because it is a color that doesn’t fit well for many people. You will find people out there with gorgeous red hair but it is almost always natural and not the result of using a hair dye.

If you are going to try out red hair for a while you should really have it done by a professional. If you don’t you may end up with an orange color instead of a red. This is a common hair coloring fiasco that people will tell you all about. Of course you can’t go around with orange hair but using another color of hair dye so soon can make your hair brittle and even begin to fall out.

A professional color technician can help you to decide if red hair really is going to look nice on you or not. Should you decide to move forward with the process they can help you choose the right color. Some people want a very light reddish color that even has tints of blonde in it. There are the types that look like a strawberry red and then the very deep colors that are more of a wine and burgundy than red.

Most hair dye colors will last about six to eight weeks before you need to color again. This is due to the roots beginning to show through and giving away the signs that your hair color isn’t natural. With a red hair dye though you will need to plan to recolor every four weeks. Otherwise the color will fade and look very flat rather than appealing.

If you really want to try out red hair dye on your own, go with one that is temporary. It can be fun for a day or two. Should you really hate it you can immediately wash it out. If you love the look then you can try out something that is more permanent. Red hair dye is high maintenance but you may find it is worth it for you.