Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tattoo Design

Tattoos have become part of the mainstream. Ink-filled needles permanently mark the skin leaving behind a tattoo design that is carried with you for the rest of your life. Once the drawing is completed, there is no turning back any time soon. This is an important thing to consider when making a decision on which tattoo design is best for you, if any at all.
My sister and I are both artists. She is very creative and imaginative and she is very daring. We have many similarities but we differ greatly as far as the daring aspect goes. I am happy with my understated little earrings that require one minute hole in each ear. I’ve never even considered choosing a tattoo design for myself.
The way I see it, there is no one image that I want to see each and every day. I like the idea of changing my earrings to suit the occasion. Any tattoo design, no matter how discreet is still unchanging. Variety is the spice of life. If I did get a tattoo, I would wind up visiting and revisiting the parlor to make changes in the tattoo design to fit my mood. It just isn’t a really good idea for someone like me.
On the other hand, my sister has a few ink drawings on herself that she adores. She created a tattoo design herself that is both magnificent and overwhelming. She got a measurement of the length and width of her back by yours truly. I mapped out the curve of her spine and we transferred a general outline on a large piece of paper.
My sister drew a picture of a cat for her tattoo design. The cat’s back is facing out and its head is turned so it is looking at the onlooker. The cat’s spine follows my sister’s spine nearly to the small of her back. There, the tail curves beautifully around the image. This magnificent tattoo design almost completely fills her entire back area. While it is quite beautiful and cleverly designed, she often laments that it is just too much for her small frame.
If you decide to dabble in body art, consider how much is too much. A brilliant idea, like the beautiful cat can wind up being very expensive and very overwhelming. When it comes to tattoo design, remember that the image is not going to go away without some trouble and expense. My sister is keeping her cat tattoo, but she is also keeping her back covered.